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I am the author of Prisoners without Bars: A Caregiver's Tale. It's the true story of how my husband almost left me--three times.


He had three brain surgeries in less than two weeks. Those are pretty drastic measures, don't you think? I told him if he didn't come back to me, I would never forgive him. And guess what? It worked. He did!

I also write children's picture books. Hey, I have to lighten it up somehow. I have 10 quirky manuscripts looking for a publishing home. Do you know any?

I am a SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) member and a Children's Book Academy graduate.

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I am a wife, mother, and granny, a teacher, playwright, actor, director, picture-book reviewer, jewelry designer, photographer, and writer. 

You might have guessed, I spend a lot of time juggling my time to fit everything in. Of course, I don't do them all at once.

If you asked me which activity I like best, I couldn’t answer. I love them all. But, if you pushed me to choose, I’d admit that writing rules. 

Each day I write for hours. I write articles for online or print magazines or manuscripts that will one day turn into books. I write pieces, stories, and reviews for my blog. I write interview questions for my guests and my panelists that appear on my radio show, “Another Fork in the Road,” on the Brain Injury Radio Network.

If I don’t get my daily fix of writing, I’m lost. I feel undone. So, what do I do? I write!


I've published four children's stories with Scholastic. I was a winner in the 2013 Essex County (NJ) Legacies Writing Contest, and I was recognized by the National Education Association for my Teacher’s Pets review column for children’s books. 


I am published in two anthologies on brain injury, The Resilient Soul and Surviving Brain Injury: Stories of Strength and Inspiration, and with my New Jersey writing group in two volumes, Montclair Write Group Sampler 2014 and 2016. I am frequently a contributor to online/print journals and magazines (TBI Hope Magazine, Lash and Associates Publishing Blog, and Disabled Magazine).


I also host a radio show on the Brain Injury Radio Network.


BUT, my greatest accomplishment is being caregiver to my husband, David, who had a traumatic brain injury in 2005. David and I live in the desert - where it never snows!

David Figurski

3 weeks before brain injury

David Figurski

12 years after brain injury

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