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Since my husband's brain injury in 2005, my writing focus has changed. My audience grew up. Instead of writing for children, I write for adults.


As David and I travel the brain injury maze, I learn more each day about this new "normal' we are slogging through. Recovery is slow. Most of us living in this world know that. But, there are ways to compensate and to meet the challenges head on. I offer my readers possibilities.

The following are a list of articles that I have written for the various online and print magazines. Click on the article you are interested in, and read. Hope you find some things that will help to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

HOPE Magazine

(formerly TBI Hope & Inspiration)





      (Reasonable, Responsible, and Realistic Resolutions)


  • Finding a Job After Brain Injury



Lash & Associates Publishing

The Mighty


  • My Tips on Finding a Job After Brain Injury (Jan.)

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