A Picture is Worth ...

I am never without my camera. Of course, there is a camera on my iPhone. That's convenient. But, I also carry my Canon in my backpack everywhere I go. You will never know when you will want to shoot someone or something. Oops, I mean take a photograph--but you knew that.

There may be a unique shadow-image on a wall or a pelican gliding on updrafts over ocean waves. There may be a calming field of tan grasses sprawling over acres of rolling hills on the way to Bakersfield or perhaps a lone cow meandering along the surf of Monterey Bay. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, there are the photo shoots too. I do a lot of those with my niece, who is also a photographer. Digital cameras allow you to take countless photos to get that perfect shot. Throw away the rest.

You can find my work on Fine Art America. FAA allows you to order any photo as a print, a canvas, a coffee cup, a pillow, a tote bag, stationary, or a beach towel. (And lots more.)

Check out my site. You may find the perfect, unique gift for your special someone.


A Road Runs Through It

Can You See the Cow

Bouy Anyone?

Bouy with Sea Lions

Sharon's Shasta

California Poppy

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