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I have been blogging ever since I discovered the Web. It's a great outlet to release my addiction for writing. It's also a great place to share my stories and thoughts.


I have two blogs (Donna O’Donnell Figurski’s Blog and Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury). The latter blog is about brain injury. On this blog, I interview survivors of brain injury (Survivors SPEAK OUT!) and their caregivers (Caregivers SPEAK OUT!). I publish articles in the resources section called Brain Injury Resources. There is a category for shouting out accomplishments by survivors, called Itty-Bitty GIANT Steps. A huge accomplishment may be tying a shoe or graduating college. Each is equally significant. Faces of Brain Injury features survivors who share their personal stories. NewsBits covers many of the latest articles in the brain injury field. So, Whaddya Think? is a section where folks can weigh in on a particular topic.

The Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury blog pairs with my radio show, Another Fork in the Road, on the Brain Injury Radio Network. There is a category listing all my shows, complete with description of the shows and links to listen to the shows. It's called On the Air! Show Menu.

There are many other categories, and I invite you to visit them all. There is something there that I know you will value.

Easy links to my shows on Brain Injury Radio Network


"Another Fork in the Road" On the Air Show Menu

Brain Injury Radio Network

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